Alex Carter is a thought leader, highly sought after public speaker, and an all-around force of nature. A clinical professor and the Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School, Alex has spent her career helping top companies and organizations in the US and around the world successfully navigate and resolve conflict through negotiation and mediation. Alex believes that negotiation can be for everyone, and she's here to de-mystify the art and make it accessible to every day people. She wants to help us ask for more, to do it confidently, and help us lead our best lives. For Alex, we were tasked to create a visual identity that conveys style and ambition through a sophisticated typeface, strong, rich colors and an aspirational yet attainable look.

Scope: visual identity, custom website design, collateral.

Website Development: Alchemy+Aim
Photography by Nick Onken.

“7 Layer Studio was a dream collaborator as I thought about my brand for the very first time. After seeing the result, all I could think was, “Mic drop - this is amazing!” It was both visually appealing and totally true to who I am.”
— Alex Carter