Green Roots Organic Lawn Care is a business rooted in the belief that we all deserve a healthy green lawn that is safe for our families and the environment. Sounds good, right? We thought so too. We set out on this project to create a look that felt trustworthy and honest with a vintage, yet modern spin. We used a color palette to reflect the natural elements; grass, sky and sunshine to bring the brand to life.

Scope: corporate Identity, illustration, marketing collateral, truck design

7 Layer Studio Green Roots10.jpg
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7 Layer Studio Green Roots6.jpg


The studio’s entire process is designed to really get at the heart of what you want your brand to portray. They are not afraid to share their opinions and give you guidance along the way. I felt extremely fortunate to have had them by my side throughout the launch of my business and leverage their years of experience. They absolutely nailed it with the design! I couldn’t have asked for anything better that represented my business and my ideals.
— Jose Garrido